G. John Scango

Mr. Scango is an experienced senior manager in both private industry and government with more than 40 years of comprehensive ‘hands-on’ skills in managing and assessing the validity of planning, design, construction and operation of large projects and complex facilities. His specific expertise is in program/project management and cost /schedule analysis.

Details of his experience are shown below.

1997 to Present

Project Management Consulting

Managed and/or participated in DOE reviews of key programs and projects including Rocky Flats nuclear waste cleanup and Government Cost Estimate; Strategic Petroleum Reserve drawdown readiness; OCRWM (Yucca Mountain) Critical Decision Packages; Oak Ridge Spallation Neutron Source EIR; BNL Research Reactor Decommissioning; Idaho National Laboratory waste cleanup; Hanford Waste Treatment Plant EIR; Savannah River vitrification /waste cleanup, OECM PM Certification.
1994 to 1996

US Department of Energy, Washington, DC

Responsible for liaison between the OFFICE OF CIVILIAN RADIOACTIVE WASTE headquarters and the multi-billion Yucca Mountain nuclear waste repository project office including assisting in identifying and communicating baseline CCB changes and costs/schedule issues. Interfaced with all levels of HQ, field and contractor staff. Managed the development and approval of an OCRWM multi-year, tiered baseline which integrated all parts of the program. Assessed monthly status reports of the project from an upper management perspective and briefed the Director on trends and issues. Led peer reviews of budgets, cost estimates and schedules. Developed report for tracking budget to funds committed and spent.
1990 to 1994

US Department of Energy, Washington, DC

As Deputy and later Director for Infrastructure Acquisition in the OFFICE OF FIELD MANAGEMENT, Mr. Scango served as direct link between the Secretary of Energy and DOE Field Offices for oversight of progress of 52 Major Systems including 25 involving environmental cleanup. Managed ESAAB process and refocused the Secretarial oversight of these Systems by delegating design/construction decisions. Compiled status reports and briefed Secretary’s staff. Managed Independent Cost Estimates on 40 Programs including the Nuclear Waste Stockpile and the $5.3 B Environmental Cleanup Program. At Secretary’s direction, organized and led a team of 75 experts in a validation of the $8.4 B Superconducting Super Collider cost estimate at the site. Published report and briefed Secretary and Congressional staff on a projected $1.5 B increase.
1987 to 1990

US Department of Energy, Washington, DC

Served as Program Engineer in the SUPERCONDUCTING SUPER COLLIDER program from its inception. Served as a member of the Site Selection Committee, gave 15 speeches to professional organizations, defined the State of Texas role for their $1 B contribution and drafted the Project Plan. Managed the Texas land acquisition of 16,000 acres to meet SSC schedules. Personally responsible for the Supplemental EIS for the Texas site which was successfully completed in a very controversial atmosphere and received the EPA’s highest rating. Managed the National Academy of Science report entitled ‘Underground Contracting Practices for the SSC’. Represented the SSC within the DOE, with the OMB, Congressional Committees, and Texas. Briefed Director on progress following monthly site visits.
1986 to 1987

US Department of Treasury, Washington, DC

As Director, Cost/Schedule Analysis in the SYNFUELS OFFICE was responsible for continuous assessment of construction and operation progress at four projects with a total cost of $900 M which were transferred to Treasury when the Synfuels Corporation was dissolved. Met with contractor staff at field sites to assess progress and authorize loan and price guarantee payments. Prepared monthly assessments on progress and variances. Projects were: Dow Chemical Gasification Plant (La), Parachute Creek Oil Shale Project (CO), Forest Hill Tar Sands Project (TX), and the Cool Water Cogeneration Project (CA).
1981 to 1986

US Synthetic Fuels Corporation Washington, DC

As Director, Cost Analysis Group had sole responsibility for all SYNFUELS CORPORATION activities related to cost and schedule for first -of-a-kind projects submitted for loan and price guarantee agreements. Managed a staff of four and support contracts with three Architect-Engineer firms. Conducted reviews at the offices of sponsors and their contractors of over 30 grassroots and retrofit projects estimated to cost from $10 M to $3 B. Responsible for predicting probable range of final capital and operating cost based on project risk utilizing Monte Carlo simulation techniques. Assessed effects of changes in siting, scaling, scheduling, and management. Interfaced with technical, environmental, financial and contracting personnel at all levels. Negotiated reporting requirements following Agreement. Caused negotiation of five projects totaling $2 B to be halted or significantly altered. Received SFC Special Achievement Award in 1984.
1980 to 1981

US Department of Energy, Washington, DC

Served as Team Chairman for evaluating fifteen proposals for first federally funded synthetic fuels program in the OFFICE OF RESOURCE APPLICATIONS. Assembled and supervised a team of twenty experts from US Corps of Engineers, US Army Material Command, and DOE. Drafted proposal language, evaluation criteria, and final reports. debriefed those not selected
1976 to 1977
1977 to 1980

US Department of Energy, Washington, DC
 New Orleans, LA

Served as Site Manager, Assistant Project Manager for Construction, and Assistant Project Manager for Engineering for the $3 B STRATEGIC PETROLEUM RESERVE program which included five storage sites, a ship terminal, and 160 miles of pipelines. Responsible for forming and filling the world’s largest underground salt storage caverns. Procured, negotiated and managed $14 M design contract with US-West German consortium which issued first construction packages within four months. Negotiated land acquisition with chemical companies, power contracts with utilities, and petroleum transportation with oil firms. Managed $20 M per year engineering program including 20 government staff, four engineering-design firms, systems engineers, and a geotechnical firm. Completed Plan for $750 M expansion of existing sites, and all Construction Management Procedures. Managed the detailed planning and organized the first SPR oil drawdown test (Operation Quickdraw). Issued over my signature 35,000 contract drawings in 200 bid packages. Represented SPR at all government/private levels.
1964 to 1970,
1973 to 1976

District of Columbia Government

As Chief, Mechanical Design and later Chief, Project Management directed design, construction and contract management of over seventy varied projects totaling $500 M. Projects included new Detention Facility, new Courthouse, Lorton Prison, DC Hospital, and school buildings. Specialized in HVAC work.
1970 to 1973

George Campbell Associates, Washington, DC

Senior HVAC Design Engineer for airports, hospitals, and commercial and military facilities.


BS Mechanical Engineering, Carnegie Mellon University 1962


Registered Professional Engineer (DC License PE6636)
Various Papers, Awards, and Commendations, Continuous professional course work
Military Service: West Germany. Company Commander, US Army Corps of Engineers. Airborne



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Las Vegas, NV 89135
fax: 702-505-9271