Educational Support

The Roy G. Post Foundation

L&A provides scholarships annually to students in the field of waste management via the Roy G. Post Foundation. Learn about the Longenecker Challenge.

Penn State University

In 2010, L&A established an annual scholarship program for students needing financial support in the Penn State Engineering Science and Mechanics Department.

ETEBA Scholarship Fund

L&A regularly contributes to Energy Technology and Environmental Business Association’s (ETEBA) scholarship fund that is designated for mostly STEM related scholarships.

SC State University

In 2020, L&A established a strategic agreement with SC State University to provide for annual STEM scholarships, internships, and career mentoring.

Northern New Mexico College

In 2021, L&A established a strategic agreement with Northern New Mexico College (NNMC) to provide annual funding for scholarships, internships, and career mentoring for students.

Los Alamos Public Schools Foundation

L&A provides financial support to the Los Alamos Public Schools Foundation in support of their mission to improve the quality of public education.

Generous educational support to the Roy G. Post Foundation, SC State, Penn State, NNMC, ETEBA and other organizations.