Educational Support

The Roy G. Post Foundation

L&A provides scholarships annually to students in the field of waste management via the Roy G. Post Foundation. Learn about the Longenecker Challenge.

Penn State University

In 2010, L&A established an annual scholarship program for students needing financial support in the Penn State Engineering Science and Mechanics Department.

ETEBA Scholarship Fund

L&A regularly contributes to Energy Technology and Environmental Business Association’s (ETEBA) scholarship fund that is designated for mostly STEM related scholarships.

SC State University

In 2020, L&A established a strategic agreement with SC State University to provide for annual STEM scholarships, internships, and career mentoring.

Northern New Mexico College

In 2021, L&A established a strategic agreement with Northern New Mexico College (NNMC) to provide annual funding for scholarships, internships, and career mentoring for students.

Los Alamos Public Schools Foundation

L&A provides financial support to the Los Alamos Public Schools Foundation in support of their mission to improve the quality of public education.

L&A Supports 10 Scholarships through the Roy G. Post Foundation at WM22

Generous educational support to the Roy G. Post Foundation, SC State, Penn State, NNMC, ETEBA and other organizations.