Risk Management

Longenecker & Associates is dedicated to recognizing and managing a wide range of operations, safety, security, and any other potential and actual risks. Each associate is committed to work honestly, transparently, and cooperatively with fellow L&A colleagues, partners, and customers.

Effective risk management is a key part of the L&A value proposition for its clients and a critical part of its corporate governance.

Risk management has always been an important part of L&A’s daily operations at the project level and as the company grows, establishing the Corporate Risk Officer position will ensure that focus is maintained and enhanced, particularly when it comes to sharing lessons learned across the company and leveraging corporate resources.

To better manage risks, L&A has appointed Senior Vice President of Corporate Strategy Keller Staley the role of Corporate Risk Manager and will be working with our project managers to assure that project risks are eliminated, mitigated, or managed.

All of this is a direct extension of our core values.


  • Honesty and integrity above all else.
  • Safety, security and quality are the foundation of everything that we do.
  • Assure that corrective action is timely and effective.
  • No surprises for the customer or the team.
  • Consistently exceed the customer’s expectations.
  • Listen to the customer to ensure we’re working on the right problem.
  • Only accept assignments and arrangements that we are proud of and that are win-win.
  • Proactively manage any real or perceived conflicts with our partners and clients.
  • Continually demonstrate our commitment to the success of our clients’ projects.
  • Treat clients and team members with respect.
  • Assure that people are fairly compensated for their contributions.
  • Don’t take risks with the reputation of the individuals or the company.
  • Foster trust and loyalty among our team and with our clients.
  • Always work as a team and support one another.