Our Core Values

L&A is unconditionally committed to mission success and the well-being of employees, the nation and the environment.

  • Honesty and integrity above all else.

  • Safety, security and quality are the foundation for everything we do.

  • Encourage and embrace diversity in our team and ensure a respectful, inclusive culture where all are treated equitably.

  • Communicate effectively to ensure we are working on the right problem and there are no surprises for the customer or the team.

  • Always work as a team, support one another and foster trust and loyalty.

  • Seek help in a timely way to ensure we consistently exceed the customer’s expectations and demonstrate our commitment to their success.

  • Do not take risks with the reputation of individuals or the company.

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2021 RRCC Dave_Clay_John
2021 Oak Ridge Team Lunch
2021 SeaBee Award
2021 Los Alamos
Los Alamos_Open House
Los Alamos_Gelles_Rubi_George
2021_Aug_Gary Vine and Buzz Savage
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Los Alamos_Gelles_S.Hobbs_George
2021 Oak Ridge
2021 SCSU Intern Marcus and President James Clark
Happy Birthday, Troy Wade

Happy Birthday to Troy Wade, Director Emeritus, NATM. 87 years young!

2020 SCSU Donation
2021 T.Browdi's Team
2021 George & Christine G.
2020 WM Team Lunch
2020 WM Student Scholarships
2020 WM Booth
2020 NAAPM
2021 J.Hobson Certificate
Felicia G group April 2019
LANL management
2019 ETEBA
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